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The great majority of my choral music is of the sacred variety, written for various church choirs that I have either directed

or sung in. But when I went out of my teaching element (band) and took a one-year job as a middle school choir

director, I found a totally new source of inspiration. These pieces date from that year.

The first 2 compositions on this page include a link to a YouTube video where you can preview the entire score while 

        listening to a recording. For the Grieg arrangement, go to the J. W. Pepper link (ORDER MUSIC) and open

                  the preview. A VST recording will play automatically while you can follow the words in the score.

A-Round the Seasons
A-Round the Seasons.jpg


A-Round the Seasons - Richard E Brown
00:00 / 00:00

Level: VE

Duration: 5:00

Price: $3.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music

Children's Choir with Hand Chimes and/or Piano | Words by Composer            PREVIEW ON YOUTUBE    

This is a short cycle of four modal rounds for children’s voices, each representing a season of the year. Two versions of each round are included:  the basic round with an optional hand chime ostinato, and a 3-part Satie-inspired performance arrangement with piano accompaniment.

Separate rounds, with their locations on the audio track, are listed below.

Autumn      0:00

Winter        1:12

Spring        2:24

Summer     3:24

Read more about A-Round the Seasons

Download from Score Exchange

Spook Walk
Spook Walk.jpg


Spook Walk - Richard E Brown
00:00 / 00:00

Level: VE

Duration: 2:15

Price: $2.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music         

Children's Choir a cappella | Words by Composer                                                   PREVIEW ON YOUTUBE

A Halloween novelty feature with a Jaws style ostinato that young children will have fun with. Basically it is 2 parts--girls and boys--with very minimal divisi in the girls' part.

Read more about Spook Walk

Download from Score Exchange

Mountain King
In the Hall.jpg


In the Hall of the Mountain King - Richard E Brown
00:00 / 00:00

Grade: E

Duration: 2:00

Price: $2.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music         

Children's Choir with Piano | Words by Arranger

A fun 2-part arrangement of the famous tune from Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite no.1, with fanciful lyrics that tell of a long-ago mountain kingdom, where the resident elves would turn curious visitors into trees...if they didn't watch out.

Download from Score Exchange

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