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Church Music

My music for the church is divided into two categories: choral and instrumental.

My sacred choral music consists of anthems and service music written for church choirs that I have either directed or sung in. The anthems are organized by season and usage, and I am making some of them available in

other voicings besides just SATB. All of the service music that isn't lost has now been brought

together into one collection, which is available in this section.

Most of my sacred instrumental music has been written for performance by myself as solos or for church brass groups that I now play in or have played in. They are useful as preludes, offertories, special music, or

postludes for church services as well as concert repertoire.

A subset of instrumental music not written for me to play, but proving to be quite popular, would be

organ. I am not an organist, but I do have 2 books of chorale preludes for organ solo

and one longer composition for organ and piano duo.


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