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Both compositions on this page have links to videos on YouTube where you can

follow the score while a recording plays and the pages turn automatically.

Several of my orchestral compositions have been recorded for commercial release by prominent European

orchestras (see red links to discography pages at bottom of entries).

Hill Country Rhapsody.jpg


Hill Country Rhapsody - Richard E Brown
00:00 / 00:00

Level: A

Duration: 6:45

Price: $47.00 


Publisher: Black Squirrel Music

Hill Country Rhap

                                                                                                                             PREVIEW ON YOUTUBE


"Commissioned by Trinity University, in San Antonio, Texas, this is a medley of famous Appalachian fiddle tunes arranged for string orchestra. The tunes used are Drunken Hiccoughs, Sally Gooden, Five Miles from Town, Molly BakerChicken Reel, Sally Johnson, Uncle Joe, Leather Breeches, and Wag'ner." (from the preface to the score)

“Interest is divided well between sections of the orchestra. Highly recommended.” (publisher’s promo)

Read more about Hill Country Rhapsody

Serenata - Strings
Serenata for Strings.jpg


Serenata for Strings - Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Kružik
00:00 / 00:00

Level: A

Duration: 11:00

Price: $40.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music

Contemporary style work in five movements.                                                          PREVIEW ON YOUTUBE


The individual movements, with their locations on the audio track, are listed below.

1. Prologue          0:00
2. Scherzo            3:17
3. Nocturne          4:40
4. Tarantella       7:40
5. Epilogue          9:49

"Inward and emotional, this multi-movement work is a powerful statement from a composer of depth and substance.

                                                                                                                                                       -- Ablaze Records promo


This composition is also available scored for chamber orchestra with winds and percussion.

Read more about Serenata for Strings

Download from Score Exchange

Recording by Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Kružik, conductor

Released on the album Orchestral Masters Vol. 8 by Ablaze Records

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