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Interlude for Orchestra - Richard E Brown
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Grade: 4

Duration: 7:20

Price: $60.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music         

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This composition represents a major revision of one of my earliest attempts to write for orchestra, way back in 1966. Revisiting it after over 5 decades languishing in the drawer, I was shocked to find some surprisingly worthwhile material (please go to the "Read more about" link below). While it little resembles something I would write today, I managed to rework it into a legitimate and enjoyable piece of music--54 years in the making.

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Expansions for Orchestra - Richard E Brown
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Grade: 4+

Duration: 7:00

Price: $60.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music         

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Expansions for Orchestra is intended for community or school orchestras and is designed to serve as an interesting--if stylistically unfamiliar--concert work which also provides training in the performance of atonal contemporary music. It introduces cluster harmony and some of the non-standard notation, techniques, and aleatoric effects used in contemporary music without placing undue strain on the abilities of non-professional players. It is conceived as a work that will be interesting--even fun--to play and listen to while providing valuable experience in preparation for more difficult works from the contemporary repertoire

The title derives from the way the work takes a very small amount of material and expands this into a full composition.

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Paisano Suite - Richard E Brown
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Grade: 5

Duration: 19:00

Price: $80.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music         

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The music of Paisano Suite was composed in 1982 for the Austin Ballet Theatre on a grant from the City of Austin. The resulting ballet was produced in February, 1983 under the title Ballabile, with choreography by ABT Artistic Director Stanley Hall.

This music was originally scored for a small pit orchestra, and it was only in 2012 that I shortened and re-orchestrated it to create this suite for full orchestra. Since the original title is a term used specifically for dance music, and the new version of the work is meant to be a concert suite rather than a ballet, I also re-titled it after the Paisano Ranch, in the central Texas Hill Country, where it was originally composed and which served as its inspiration.

The entire nearly twenty-minute suite is actually based on a fairly modest amount of musical material and the eight short movements are thematically all very closely related. The overall framework is highly unified in that way.

Scored for woodwinds, horns, and trumpets in pairs; 1 trombone, timpani, and strings.


The individual movements, with their locations on the audio track, are listed below.

1. Prelude          0:00
2. Scherzo         1:29 
3. Berceuse       
4. Fugue            5:43
5. Pastorale       7:38
6. Caprice          10:10 
7. Romanza      
8. Finale            16:36

Four movements of this suite are also available in a transcription for symphonic band titled Shades of Paisano.

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Voices of the Night - Richard E Brown
00:00 / 00:00

Grade: 5

Duration: 9:00

Price: $65.00 


Publisher: Dacker Music         

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This piece represents a revision and re-titling of a long-dormant composition that I wrote in 1977 and then shelved for over 40 years. I now don't recall why I wrote it and then abandoned it to obscurity without even copying the parts, but I suspect it was because I was too busy writing marching band arrangements.

Voices of the Night is in 3 parts: 1. a slow, moody introductory section; 2. a lively but somewhat dark rhythmic dance-like section; 3. a quiet epilogue based on the opening music. It is scored for woodwinds in pairs (with 2nds doubling on piccolo, English horn, and bass clarinet), 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba, timpani, vibraphone, 3 percussion, and strings.


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This composition is also available in a transcription for symphonic band.

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