I have two viable works in the operatic genre, but for the time being and foreseeable future, this page will have only one entry on it as the other--a 15-minute monodrama for soprano and orchestra--is not presently available because I have

been unable to negotiate a license from the copyright holder on the text I used as a libretto. I hope to get this

straightened out soon and be able to make the work available. Since O. Henry's stories are all in the Public

Domain, I am happy to offer this 30-minute single act chamber opera for 2 singers and chamber orchestra.

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The Gift of the Magi - Richard E Brown / Nancy Grobe
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Chamber Opera in One Act

Grade: A

Duration: 31:00

Vocal Score Price: $25.00

Orchestra Set Price: $125.00


Publisher: Dacker Music

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Soprano, Baritone, Chamber Orchestra | Libretto by Nancy Grobe after the short story by O. Henry

O. Henry is the pen name of American writer William Sidney Porter (1862-1910), and The Gift of the Magi is probably his most popular and best-loved short story. First published in 1905, it tells of a young married couple who have very little money, but dream of buying extravagant Christmas gifts for each other. It is a tale of love and sacrifice that features one of O. Henry’s characteristic “twist” endings.

Recording by Bree Nichols, soprano and Pavol Kubáň, baritone with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Jiří Petrdlík, conductor

To be released by Navona Records in October, 2022